HD160DP 160ton horizontal two double high speed injection molding machine

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We should accelerate the development of new varieties, and emphatically develop the 65, 60, 55 and 50 series with the rim diameter at 15-17 inches, and meridian tyres of high-speed serial saloon cars and high-capacity meridian tyres of low section without inner tyres; we should enhance the technical renovations of a few major enterprises, and

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29094100 -- 2,2-Oxydiethanol (diethylene glycol, 7 5.5 2002 SG,US 0. digol) 29094200 -- Monomethyl ethers of ethylene glycol 7 5.5 2002 JP,US 0. or of diethylene glycol. 108 Bound rate at Present Concession first . date of Final concession incorporated in a Earlier

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2.0/ 15/ 2.4/ 17/ 21/ 22/ Pure-bred breeding Other Weighing less than 10kg Weighing 10kg or more, but less than 50kg Weighing 50kg or more Ducks Geese Guinea fowls Turkeys Crocodiles for cultivation For human consumption Squabs Teals Tadpole and young frogs Carcasses and